Career Development Events and Leadership Development Events

Career Development Events (CDEs) and Leadership Development Events (LDEs) Career and Leadership Development Events develop college and career readiness skills. The competitive events serve as an outgrowth of instruction in the agricultural education classroom for FFA members in grades 7 to 12.  Through CDEs and LDEs, participating FFA members are challenged to develop critical thinking skills and effective decision-making skills, foster teamwork and promote communication while recognizing the value of ethical competition and individual achievement.  CDE and LDE events occur at the local, state and national level.


California FFA offers an integrated leadership delivery program to its members designed for each year they are in the FFA.  Starting from their first year with Greenhand Conference to the second year Made for Excellence followed by the third year Advanced Leadership Academy and finally the fourth year Sacramento Leadership Experience.  At the national level, students can attend the Washington Leadership Conference, 212 Conference, 360 Conference, and the newest is the FFA Next Generation Conference.  Conferences from the section to the national level aim at developing leadership and communication skills, teamwork, networking, experiencing personal growth, and learning career-related skills.  

Students are also able to attend the annual State Leadership Conference and National FFA Convention to develop personal and team leadership skills, discover agricultural careers, establish lasting friendships and strive for success.  Both conferences will also highlight student accomplishments in public speaking and production practices with proficiency awards, scholarships and special recognitions as well as explore career and educational opportunities from leading ag industry exhibitors.

FFA Jackets

A Official FFA Jacket is required for all official FFA events such as CDEs, LDEs, FFA conferences, fair, etc.


FFA fitting guides are available for males and females if you plan to order your own jacket; however, if you wear pants/skirt that has a waistband across the hipbones, it is recommended you use the male guide for purchasing your measurements.

FFA Degrees

FFA is structured into a degree program which rewards active FFA members for progress in all phases of leadership, skills and occupational development. The Discovery FFA Degree (junior high school), the Greenhand FFA Degree, and the Chapter FFA Degree are awarded at the chapter level. State associations award top members with the State FFA Degree. The American FFA Degree is conferred upon an elite group of members at the national level.


Officer Applications

Greenhand Officer

New Chapter Officer

Returning Chapter Officer 


Wendy Becerra

Chapter President

Hi my name is Wendy Becerra, and I am the Chapter President. I have been in the chapter for 4 years. I originally joined Ag because I wanted to show animals at the fair. I soon realized that Ag and FFA were much more than showing animals. It's about the experiences you have, the memories and friendships you make, and
the impact it not only has on you but the impact you can make on others. FFA has opened many doors in my life and has provided me with skills that I feel I cannot get from any other program! I have two goals this year.

1. To provide fun activities, so that members become more involved! 2. Make sure that every member feels welcome.


FFA Memory:

Anytime we have van rides! I love going on van rides because we always have a great time; whether it's blasting music, telling funny/scary stories, or sharing life stories!

Hobbies/Interesting Fact:

I am currently a part of the Lions Mariachi band, in which I play the violin and performed during the weekends at parties and restaurants! I also love riding my horse, Coqueta in the fields by our house! I also love pens, I currently own about 120 different pens!


"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi

Kirstyana Avila

Chapter Vice President

Hi my name is Kirstyana Avila, and I am the Chapter Vice President. I have been in the chapter for 4 years. I joined because of my interest in floral and learning new things to prepare for life. My goals for the chapter are making a change for the members so that they may strive in their years of high school and learn skills to use in their adulthood. My SAE is landscaping and training sheep heerding dogs. I have participated on the cotton judging team, citrus judging, floral,and parliamentary procedure teams, and I competed in opening and
closing, impromptu public speaking, and prepared public speaking.


FFA Memory:

My favorite FFA memory is when my friends and I had a public speaking competition. I was
really nervous, so they really helped me calm down by playing fun games we have learned with other FFA

Hobbies/Interesting Fact:

I play the contrabass and love to read books.


"One person's craziness is another person's reality" -Tim Burton

Naybluet Htoo

Chapter Secretary

Hi my name is Naybluet Htoo, and I am the Chapter Secretary. I have been in the chapter for 4 years. I joined agriculture to meet new people. My goal this year is to help students gain their confidence and to help them be able to improve their public speaking skills. My SAE is my Vegetable Garden and training a sheep dog. I have participated on Parliamentary Procedure teams, Vet Science, Extemporaneouse Public Speaking, AET Record Keeping, BIG, Opening  and Closing Ceremonies, Floral, and Cooperatives.


FFA Memory:

All of the times that we travel to different places for our competitions.

Hobbies/Interesting Fact:

I play 4 different instruments; I like listening to K-pop


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream- C.S. Lewis

Abigail Perez

Chapter Sentinel

Hi my name is Abigail Perez, and I am the Chapter Sentinel. I have been in the chapter for 4 years. I honestly didn't really know about Ag at first, except for my brother telling me a little bit about it. I joined because I wanted to learn, be around animals, and improve my public speaking skills, so I wouldn't be so shy. I want
people to know and feel that they are cared about. My goal for our officer team is that members feel they can open up to any of the officers, particularly during this difficult year. Having our team as a resource and knowing we care about our membership and their well-being is important to me. My SAEs have included yard work and I did participate in the pumpkin project last year. I have participated on the Nursery/Landscape judging team and Opening & Closing Ceremonies.


FFA Memory:

My landscape team have this thing which we call 'landscape moments' which are real super funny moments with our team that make us laugh for about 10 minutes straight.

Hobbies/Interesting Fact:

I like listening and singing to music, reading and have picked up an interest for writing, and I love spending time with my friends. I'm the type of friend to make sure everyone around me is happy before I am happy.


It's more of my own saying "Don't let your mistakes bring you down, instead have them make you stronger."

Elijah Zazueta

Chapter Reporter

Hi my name is Elijah Zazueta, and I am the Chapter Reporter. I have been in the chapter for 3 years. I joined
Ag because I liked the idea of raising animals for the Kern County Fair, and I wanted to volunteer more in my community. My goals for the chapter are to get closer to our members and get them to volunteer, participate in events, and inspire them to get SAE projects. My SAE is raising Market goats for the Kern County Fair and taking care of a garden in my backyard. I have participated in Milk Judging and Impromptu Public Speaking.


FFA Memory:

My favorite FFA memory was Officer Retreat last summer because I got to know my officer team better and they all became some of my closest friends.

Hobbies/Interesting Fact:

My hobbies include playing video games, reading books, and hanging out with
friends and family.


In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take - Lewis Carroll

Virginia Huerta

Chapter Treasurer

Hi- my name is Virginia Huerta, and I am the Chapter Treasurer.  I have been in the chapter for 3 years.  I joined agriculture in order to be more outgoing and to try something new.  Some of my goals this year are to be one as a team and to stay together and bond as a team.   My SAEs are house plants and yardwork.   I have participated on the BIG team, the Milk judging team, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies teams.  


FFA Memory:

Every van trip!

Hobbies/Interesting Fact:

I love Wrestling! I’m very funny, loud, and helpful.


Never give up on your dream; make them Reality.


I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me


Asada Tacos


The Hate You Give